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How To Improve Writing Skills In English For Esl Students

In this article, we will talk about the most important tips that both students and instructors can use to improve ESL writing skills. 1. Keep it simple and to the point Writing in a simple, illustrative manner ensures everybody can understand your intent. It is therefore important to use vivid vocabulary which makes you sound composed and eloquent.

  • 1. Scanning. This is a great follow-up activity after skimming, enhancing your students’ comprehension of the reading even further. Scanning is much like skimming, allowing your students more time to review the reading material, but.

  • 2. Keep an English dictionary You’ll be able to look up words to clarify their meaning and to learn antonyms and synonyms so as not to repeat words or phrases, which will better your communication skills. 3. Brush up your grammar Even though you don’t have to “study” grammar, your English writing will improve a lot if you work on grammar exercises.

  • Give yourself around 30 seconds for one text. After that, re-read the paper to see if there is any information you missed or something you didn’t understand. If you understood everything, it means that you can read the next paragraph faster. Transcribe what you.


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